Thursday, 18 December 2008

Smith Family's Toy & Book Appeal

The company that I am currently on assignment at are supporting the Smith Family's Toy & Book Appeal by helping to organise the collections of gifts and books from staff members. The Smith Family rely on the generosity of Australians so that children can be included in the spirit of the season. In 2007 they delivered more than 17,000 Toy & Book Christmas packs to children around Australia. This year they are aiming to deliver 20,000 Christmas packs to disadvantaged Aussie kids.

We have a christmas tree in the foyer and as you can see there are already many pressies under the tree. I decided this year to contribute as it is a wonderful cause and every child deserves to receive a present at Christmas time, no matter how big or small. I purchased two books. One for a girl & another for a boy.
I would encourage all Australians to donate a gift to one of the many organisations who have a gift tree in their local shopping centre. The Kmart Wishing Tree supports The Smith Family in NSW, VIC & QLD.


Pennie and David said...

You have to love the Smith Family Jackie, DH and I have just done two deliveries of Hampers and Toys to 10 families in the Western Suburbs of Sydney...he first day was very depressing but yesterday was very rewarding!! Hurray for the Smiths!!

Miss Snips said...

Your blog is so christmasy! Totally enjoyed reading back a few days... Thanks for visiting Miss Snips!

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