Friday, 30 November 2007

Xmas Wall Hanging nearly finished

I've nearly completed my Xmas wall hanging. Just have to get a decent hanger (instead of the clothes hanger and pegs) and put some dangling bells on the bottom. I'm very pleased with the way it has turned first attempt at foundation piecing. I just love the little clapper bells that I have added, they double as Xmas lights...perfect. Oh and I need to find a suitable star or angel to pop on top of the tree.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Stitch 'n' Bitch - 9 Nov 07

We had a great night...again. Ate too much & didn't get enough stitchin' done, but we enjoyed ourselves. I finished stitching the binding on my Xmas wall hanging and that was about it. Now I just have to finish the decorations. Will put up a pic when it is all completed.
These are my friends Janita & Pam.
Jacko the monkey just wanted to see want Janita was up to.

We have all been doing patchwork for about the same length of time...2 years give or take. Janita is the most talented & does folk art painting & will soon be teaching beginners classes at her local community centre. Janita also decorates cakes, makes dolls & works with polymer clay. These are just a few of her talents.

The Japanese Geisha doll was made by Janita in a class at Cowes which we all attended. My doll has probably been shuffed in a cupboard somewhere. If I ever find it I might put up a pic.

The cage is home to two pixies which Janita made from polymer clay and dressed...they are so cute. They also have a tendancy to runaway from home, hence the cage.

Janita's current quilt project, which she has now decided to make a queen size.

Janita & I are both very impressed with Pam. She has finished several quilts and the quilt pictured below is the largest she has attempted to date. She is currently hand quilting it. Go Pammie!! It is to be a gift for her brother. Pam is the one peaking out from the side of the quilt 'cos she is too short to hold it up to its full length. That's OK us shorties have to stick together. Pam is also quite good had impersonations...see her Cousin It below.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Bitch 'n' Stitch night

Well tonight is my weekly get together with my friends 'Nita (Janita) and Pam. We catch up every Friday evening except every fourth Friday which is date night with our DH's. We rotate between each others houses, which is great.
Tonight I will be finishing off the binding on my Xmas wall hanging. With Xmas only 47 days away I thought that I should make a few decorations to make the house festive. Xmas is at our house this year and some of my family from the country will be coming down, as well as DH family, so I would also love to get a fresh Xmas tree. Should be a good day. I just have to make sure that I am prepared for it.
This is my Xmas wall hanging as it was a few days ago before the final border and binding had been sewn on. I also have to decorate the tree section so it looks Xmassy.

This pic is my first lot of healing hearts which I sent off earlier this week to fellow scquilters. I have been wanting to do these now for a couple of months. I luv the idea of letting someone you have never met know that there are others out there thinking of them in their time of need. I was pleased with my first attempt, however looking at the pic I think that the hearts are just a bit to big. Five of the hearts above also have hearts within the pattern of the fabric, which I deliberately did. I have been collecting a stash of fabric with hearts within the pattern for use in making healing heart blocks.
Anyway I must finish up now as I still have to finish off dinner (veggie lasagne) and make some banana walnut muffins for this evenings supper.

Welcoming great nephew - Jess Cooper Fischer

On the 23 October 2007 in Perth my niece Bianca had her second bubs, a little boy. They named him Jess Cooper Fischer. My sister Kay had flown over from Horsham a few weeks earlier to be on hand to help out. Proud Poppy Rob flew to Perth after his birth and took my mum, great nanny with him for a weeks holiday. I wonder if this is my mum!!
Left to right: Poppy; older sister, Imiggin; Great Nanny; Nanny
Daddy having a cuddle
1 week old and finally home. I hope he grows into these clothes soon!
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