Friday, 9 November 2007

Bitch 'n' Stitch night

Well tonight is my weekly get together with my friends 'Nita (Janita) and Pam. We catch up every Friday evening except every fourth Friday which is date night with our DH's. We rotate between each others houses, which is great.
Tonight I will be finishing off the binding on my Xmas wall hanging. With Xmas only 47 days away I thought that I should make a few decorations to make the house festive. Xmas is at our house this year and some of my family from the country will be coming down, as well as DH family, so I would also love to get a fresh Xmas tree. Should be a good day. I just have to make sure that I am prepared for it.
This is my Xmas wall hanging as it was a few days ago before the final border and binding had been sewn on. I also have to decorate the tree section so it looks Xmassy.

This pic is my first lot of healing hearts which I sent off earlier this week to fellow scquilters. I have been wanting to do these now for a couple of months. I luv the idea of letting someone you have never met know that there are others out there thinking of them in their time of need. I was pleased with my first attempt, however looking at the pic I think that the hearts are just a bit to big. Five of the hearts above also have hearts within the pattern of the fabric, which I deliberately did. I have been collecting a stash of fabric with hearts within the pattern for use in making healing heart blocks.
Anyway I must finish up now as I still have to finish off dinner (veggie lasagne) and make some banana walnut muffins for this evenings supper.


puddlingalong said...

apple pies would be good...

Jackie said... don't like my apple pies!

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