Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Cuckoo

On Sunday my Friday night stitch'n'bitch friends (Nita & Pamela) and our DH's got together for a Christmas celebration luncheon at The Cuckoo Restaurant which is located at Olinda in The Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne.
It has a wonderful atmosphere so if you are ever driving around in The Dandenongs be sure to pop in for a smorgasbord luncheon, afternoon tea or dinner. The building itself is done up to look like a Bavarian Chalet.However, I would caution the driver not to order the 1 litre tankard of beer. One of the DH's ordered one & it was massive. Now I would've taken a photo of this, however I forgot to take my camera didn't I. But the other girls did & if you go to Pamela's blog she may have put up some of the pics from the luncheon.
They would also have to have the biggest cuckoo clock ever hanging in the restaurant. But, I don't remember hearing any cuckoo's going off on the hour. I don't think I had that much to drink that I didn't hear them. Perhaps they had over indulged on beer and were sleeping it off.

But as you can see from the pics, there is heaps of scrumptious food, which I did happen to over indulge on. I didn't like everything, but there was enough variety that one could still have a good chow down. We all had a very enjoyable afternoon.

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ozjane said...

That is a fun place. I have not been there for years and years.
Oh dear...makes me feel very old. LOL.
And I cannot remember why I was there...a birthday I suspect.

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