Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Milestone reached...

Tonight I have reached a milestone in the world of blogging. Well it is for me anyway. My counter indicates that I have had over 2000 visitors from over 50 countries worldwide. WOOO HOO!!!
Now if only everybody had left a brief comment I would be an extremely happy person. Never the less, I am happy about this, and I am feeling a possible giveaway coming on to celebrate. I will have to do some brain storming and see if I can come up with something appropriate during the holidays. Keep tuned in for further developments in the coming weeks.


sMC said...

Peaceful Greetings to You and Yours.
And congratulations on 2000visitors. I too, love people to leave a comment.

ozjane said...

Thanks for your visit Jackie......I have come to explore..and I also love it when people make a comment.
I have not counted my visitors but am trying to hide that I am passed 500 posts when I celebrated 300 not that long ago.....and I need ideas to celebrate

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