Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Pamela said...

She waved goodbye to Santa...see Santa is a HE ...gotcha

Jackie said...

Ha yes, but Mrs Santa will be back on Christmas Eve so that she can acutally do the deliveries. Santa is just the front man. gotcha back!

Pamela said...

so SHE is leaving while there is work to be done and comes back when it's finished, while SHE is away HE SANTA has to continue making the toys, helps the elfs, cares for the reindeers, keeps the fire stoked up, not to mention everything else in the normal day to day life. Then Christmas eve SHE decides to come back after the sleigh has been loaded, the reindeers feed and ready for the big adventure into the night sky. Remembering HE should have a little sleep as he's got a long way to travel but he can't as SHE is away and not comeing back until the evening..
gotcha again.

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