Sunday, 2 November 2008

Camera battery found

Yippeee!! I finally found the battery charger for the camera and the batteries are now charged and pictures taken. Moral of this is to unpack all items from bag after a trip away before putting bag away.
Below are some of the sewing related items which I have been working on the last few months and have actually completed.

Left: disappearing 9 patch with vintage chenille borders

Below: Maria quilt challenge finally completed. Read more about this subject in previous here

Left: first batch of mini plum puddings

Left: they look good enough to eat don't you think!!

Above, left & below: Puzzle balls. They also rattle...great for babies. These were actually quite fun to make.

Above, left & below: Now I don't particularly like mice, but I do luv these cute little fabric mice. Fun to make and I luv these Moda fabrics. I've got some more in the making but this time with more bright retro fabrics.


puddlingalong said...

you've been a busy little possum, I've not done anything for a couple of weeks now, but will have to get going again. What's is the next project your going to do??

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I just love all of these little handcrafted items.. they are sew darn cute :)
When you send out my swap.. don't forget to send one of each item :) LOL I just crack myself up at times :)

sMC said...

can you share the pattern for the plum pudings or let me know where to purchase it.

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