Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wedding Anniversary Holiday

It was DH and mine 8th wedding anniversary on Sunday, so we went away for three nights to the country and stayed at Mira Mira which is located in Gippsland. It took us just under an hour to get there and it is a lovely peaceful and tranquil location. I just love the country side in this area of Victoria. Having grown up in the Wimmera district of Victoria which is very flat and in summer is very hot & dry, Gippsland is the opposite with lovely lush green rolling hills.

They have three self contained fantasy retreats, we stayed in the Japanese Zen Retreat, which was lovely. It is extremely peaceful and tranquil with nature surrounding you. It was lovely to awake of a morning with the sounds of birds chirping and flitting through the trees, instead of the roar of traffic. We didn't see much wildlife unfortunately except for a family of seven ducks on the pond which the retreat has been built on. The Zen Retreat is set in a gully so we could only drive the car so far. The rest of the way, which wasn't far going down, but it seemed to go on forever going back up to the car. Mind you I'm not terribly fit and don't like hills, so for someone fit it would be a walk in the park, or in this instance bush.

The other two retreats looked interesting and I wouldn't mind going back and stay in them. Maybe next anniversary. The are The Cave House and Tanglewood.

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Lindi said...

Congrats to you and your hubby, Jackie. The retreat looks fun!

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