Monday, 3 November 2008

First day back at work.....

Today was my first day back at work after four weeks off. Even though it is only a temporary position (I've been there now since March 2008), it was good to be back. It was difficult getting out of bed this morning and getting ready for work as I have gotten used to sleeping in a bit. But thankfully it only takes me five minutes to drive to work, so I do not have to arise to early.

It is a short post tonight as I have been busy searching the WWW for Christmas stuff to decorate my blog with. It is very time consuming and I haven't come across much that I like. Besides I received the December issue of AP&Q in the post today, so I think I'll go and tuck myself up in bed were it is nice and warm and have a bit of read. It is quite cool here in Melbourne tonight.

Good luck to all of those people in sweeps for 'Melbourne Cup' or who will be braving the TAB's and placing a bet tomorrow. I hope your horse comes home strong.

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Lindi said...

Decorate blog comp will be on again, just not sure which of us will be hosting it!

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