Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Simply Quilts in the Garden

I have just finished watching a couple of episodes of Simply Quilts which I had recorded. I love this program and record them whenever they are on.
The first episode was about Quilting in the Garden. It was an exhibition of over 70 quilts made by two quilters (Diana McClun & Laura Nownes) at a garden nursery in southern California. They had been pegged on clothes lines hung between enormous old oak trees. They looked absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful way to view quilts, in nature. The second episode was about setting up a quilting studio. Myrna Giesbrecht presented some useful ideas which I'm sure we could all adapt to suit our needs. I am now inspired to try and organise my quilting mess, which is spread throughout the house. Maybe I might find some time before Christmas & maybe not.


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I just love the quilting shows... I try and record them also.. I have learned a lot from watching them. There is always fun tips and wonderful tours to watch. Not to forget the awesome quilts we get to see.

ozjane said...

I have some recordings that friends did for me but it was not on when I had Foxtel and it would be about the only thing I would watch so I watch the new online version The Quilt show with Alex and Ricky Timms...better than nothing but I would get inspired by those videos.

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