Wednesday, 19 December 2007

More bling for the tree...& other decorations

Today I headed off to the shops in search of some silver bling to put some wow into my Christmas tree. In particular I was looking for silver lamata. I went to about 8 stores, big & little, and no silver lamata. In the end I managed to get a string of small silver balls, but they only had one and I really could have used 2. I also found some lamata which was holographic opaque white, so at certain angles and from a distance it could be mistaken for silver. It does look better. What do you think?

This is my homemade wreath for the front door. It is just a cheap rattan ring and I have wrapped around all of my old, yukky & thin tinsel that any normal person would have chucked out years ago. I poked some old plastic decortations in the bottom, added some red & gold ribbon, which must have come off a past gift (see I knew it would come in handy one day) and lastly some red balls & green ribbon at the top.

The wall hanging which I made is as finished as it is going to be for this year. I added a star made from small gold colored metal charms stars. I also added some pressies under the tree. What was I thinking not putting any pressies on before. And either side of the tree are the words 'happy holidays' plastic with gold sprinkles. This tree now also has some bling.

In the lounge we have Santa Ted relaxing. This was the first Christmas gift my husband gave to me after we starting seeing each other. If I remember correctly inside Santa Ted's sack there were tickets to a Neil Diamond concert. No, no, no.......I'm not going to say which one, otherwise that would be giving away my age.

The pink flying pig Santa has landed on the coffee table in his sleigh. Now I wonder where the reindeer have wondered off to?? Looks like they ate & ran.

We have some 'Noel' blocks on the bookcase and another small plain tree void of decoration on the coffee table. And the christmas cards received framing the doorway. Now if you can't spy your card hanging up, then I bloody well haven't received it yet, or you crossed me off your christmas card list and haven't sent me one.

Don't forget to check out the Christmas blog decorators listed on Soozii's blog, then vote for the one you liked best. Just CLICK HERE and it will take you to Soozii's blog. There aren't too many so join in the fun and make one of us a very happy chappy. Don't forget to leave a comment so we know that you have been.


sMC said...

super decorations, and I think I may have gone to the same Concert. But as a more mature aged goupee.

Lindi said...

Tree bling looks good...big improvement! The opaque lamata works. Haven't seen any opaque in my search for silver. I haven't given up on finding silver yet!
A pink pig Santa...LOL...that is definitely a first! (lurve the puddings)

Di said...

Your house must look an absolute picture! Gorgeous decorations! Happy Christmas!

sMC said...

Congratulations on coming 2nd in the Decorate Your Blog Comp.
Your prize will be on its way to you on Wednesday. If you want a sneak look a photo is on my blog. Hope you like it.

Amelia said...

Hi there, I found your blog by searching on blogger for other people locally who are interested in op shopping. I have been looking through your blog - fabulous patchwork! Anyway, the reason that I was searching is because I have started a collaborative Melbourne op shopping blog - I op therefore I am - - and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining? Just a once off best finds ever post or regular posts or anything you like really. There are also some links there to op shop addresses etc and maps showing where they all are.

best wishes for the new year,

regards, Amelia

ps - I craft and blog too:

sMC said...

Hi Jackie, I have mailed your 2nd prize. I don't think it will take long to reach you. lol... I mailed it at the PO where your PO Box is. The woman did give me a strange look. Hope you like it.

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