Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Christmas gifts from quilty friends

Last Friday evening DH and I got together with two of my quilting buddies and their DH for a Xmas BBQ. It was a stinking hot day down here in Melbourne, but I braved it, all be it after a bit of complaining about the heat.

We had lots of laughs and Christmas cheer as well as a spendiferous meal. Ate far too much, but just couldn't resist.

My quilting buddies (aka Pam and Nita) gave me some lovely gifts.

Pam said that she just had to make something as she knew that Nita and I most probably would. She made four little plum puddings with holly on top...they are just too cute. These were inside a lovely Christmas sleigh along with a hand towel with Christmas bells & a tree decoration with a request to Santa "Dear Santa more fabric please". Like I don't have enough!! Thanks Pammie.

Nita gave me a lovely rose candle in a glass container with roses imprinted. Smells gorgeous. Along with a lovely cup (actually more like a mug) & saucer in lovely soft pastels with a quilty theme and her usual handmade card, which are great. I have kept all of the past Christmas cards that I have received from this crafty lady. Thanks Nita.

Nita has also just finished hand quilting a quilt for her dad for christmas. It has an Australiana theme. It is hard to see from the pic but the large on point squares is from a fabric which has old Australiana homesteads (farm houses). The wide border is eucalyptus trees.

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