Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It's now beginning to look a lot like Christmas........

I have been a busy girl this morning. I have now finished decorating the tree and am now sitting back with a relaxing cup of mint green tea. It is difficult though to get a good picture of the tree with the lights on and flashing, but I think it thinks good. Thanks to my friend Pam for the loan of the Xmas star on top and for the extra silver & purple balls. If not for these my tree would still be naked. It's amazing how many decorations are required to fill the tree. And I've only done 3/4 of the tree. The other 1/4 which is at the back is still naked. I figured that it won't be seen so why bother.

Now for the unveiling of the decorated tree. Drum roll please maestro........

Without and with lights on

Do you think it needs anything else, maybe some tinsel or something?
If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think about my tree.
Don't be shy now, I don't bite.


puddlingalong said...

I'm impressed Mav, looks great but perhaps some deco's on the back would look good so you can open the curtains and people can see your tree when they drive past. One has to see it in real life but it needs a little something added...tinsel, spray snow stuff, few more decs, all in all you did good girl..

Lindi said...

Silver beads. Then it would be perfect, IMHO. You can get them for $2 a pack at Coles. The purple looks really cool.

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