Thursday, 15 January 2009

Stitch 'n' Bitch - 3 Jan 09

I usually catch up with my Stitch 'n' Bitch friends on a Friday night, but we decided to do a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. This was so that Pam could work on a quilt she is making for her daughter which has lots of black in it and as the light during the day is better we figured she might finish it sooner. It was supposed to be for her daughters 21st in Feb 2008. She might have it for her 22nd birthday...we hope. Anyway, I needed to go to the patchwork store and choose some fabrics for my 4SQS5 (below are some of the fabrics I chose). And of course the other girls came along for the drive. Any excuse to fondle fabric.
I love the look of scrappy quilts and am trying to build up an assortment of values to add to my scrap stash. So I went through the scrap bin and chose the following three lots. They are all the width of a bolt, but vary in length from 9cm to 20cm. It is a great way of adding lots of different values to the scrap stash.



On the drive down to the quilt shop we passed a new Vinnie's store, so as it was still open on the way back we decided to drop in for look. I picked up four pairs of assorted stainless steel manicure scissors and a pair of surgical grip thingies, all for the bargain price of 50 cents each. The smaller scissors I'll use with small mobile sewing projects to cut thread. And the surgical thingies are great for stuffing things, and for pulling through tubing when making handles and things. Not very well explained, but never mind. Also picked up a cream towel for $1 to use as backing on some bibs which are on the drawing board.

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Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I can tell you are a very savvy shopper. Yes those surgical clamps will come in handy.
Great deals!!!

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