Thursday, 15 January 2009

Get It Done challenge

Well I have finally made a start on some UFO's. As I am a relatively new quilter (3/4 years) I haven't had to delve into the deep dark depths of cupboards, etc. Having said that doesn't mean that I don't have UFO's. I'm sure that I have at least one or two for each year I have been quilting...possibly more. To start I have chosen two wall hangings and a table runner which I started in the latter half of 2008. My reason for choosing these is that they were on the top of the pile and they are relatively smallish projects, so they won't take months to complete.

1. This is a wall hanging which I am making from a panel. There is a lot of faux embroidery stitching in the sashing, but it is difficult to see. I have overstitched these through the three layers which will hold it all together. I now just have to trim it up, do the binding, add somthing to enable hanging and add a label.

2. Christmas table runner. I actually bought this fabric around Xmas 2007, but didn't find a pattern I liked until 2008. This one I still have to quilt, bind and label. You can just see all of the pins in the picture which are holding it together at the moment. I was debating to machine quilt this one, but not ever having machine quilted before I think I might hand quilt it until I can practice on the machine a bit.

3. Another wall hanging. 'Chooks Rule the Roost'
There legless at the moment, so I'm surprised they haven't fallen off the roost yet!! LOL My attempt at some humour. Still have some more to add to the top, then it will need sandwiching, quilting and binding.

Now, one of the above projects will be for one of the blogs in 'Sooziii's decorate your blog for Xmas' comp. And I'm not saying which one, that will be the surprise.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jackie, they are beautiful. xxx

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Jackie congrats on finishing up some projects.. It always makes us feel so good when a project is completed. At least I feel great :)
I love all of the table runners they are fantastic.