Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Its arrived and its all mine!!!!

Above are some pictures of a wall hanging which I received from Sarah in Memphis, Tennesee as part of the 4SQS5. I just love this wall hanging. Honestly the pictures do not do it justice. With the white background and the way the quilting has been done those little green pinwheels just jump right of the wall to great you. And the triangles in each corner of the back make it so easy to hang. Sarah has done a wonderful job with this, and reading her blog I'm surprised that I even got it. I think that I very nearly didn't. But I'm so glad that she was able to give it up as it has come to a nice home downunder and I will treasure it. It is currently hanging at the office in my workspace to brighten my days. I only put it up this morning and so many people have commented on it. Thank you once again and have I mentioned that I love it. Also a big thank you to Margaret (the swap organiser) who allowed me to join in on this swap as a newbie.


Tina said...

That IS a pretty little thing.

gwensmom said...

Hi Jackie

I'm so glad it arrived safely and that you like it! I really enjoyed making it and will probably make that pattern again soon.

I had never thought of putting these little quilts in an office but that is a great idea. They would really personalize your space. And if you do enough swaps you could change them out every once in a while for variety.