Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I can now post my 4SQS5 which I made "Daisies in the Garden"

This is the wall hanging which I made for Tina from San Diego in the 4SQS5. It is made up of mini log cabins around 4" square which I hand stitched. I then machine stitched all of the squares together and the border. It is machine quilted in the ditch. The daises are appliqued and the centres are stuffed to give some dimension. At the last minute I decided to add some coloured seed beads to give some sparkle. It made the world of difference.

I decided to add a bit of colour in the backing with some wattle and parrots/rosellas. The binding ties it all together.

When I send items overseas I always like to add postage stamps instead of the ticket which Australia Post prints out. I put stamps aside when I buy a 20 pack for this purpose. I feel it makes the parcel all the more exciting (and colourful) when it reaches its destination.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of this swap. It was monochramatic with either black or white added. Tina's colour choices were green or pink/red and the season chosen was Spring. I opted for greens as it is one of my favourite colours.

A big thank you to Margaret the host of this swap for allowing me to join in on this swap and I look forward to joining in on the next one...hopefully.


Tina said...

It was so fun to receive. Fun to find out that you hand stitched the log cabins! Although I'm not from Memphis, luckily it showed up in San Diego and it hangs proudly on my living room wall. Thanks again!

gwensmom said...

I'm the one from Memphis!

Wow Jackie this is gorgeous. I like all the green and LOVE the way you did the flower centers. Great job!

The Faerie Queen said...

oh wow, I am speechless. its beautiful.

Lindi said...

It's beautiful, Jackie! Lucky Tina!

Jackie said...

Whoops...sorry about the goof up in place names Tina. I've now amended it. It was late when I posted & I had just received my swap quilt, from Memphis.

Deb said...

Jackie, that is gorgeous. I bet Tina was pleased , anyone would be with that as a gift.

sMC said...

Fabulous, hope you dont mind I have put a photo of it on my blog, with credits to you. let me know if you want me to remove it. But it fitted in with the story.

Luckybear said...

It is a lovely quilt. The extra sparkle on the daisies is a nice touch. It is very thoughtful of you to use all of those stamps on the package, it looks very exotic.

-Kari from Dallas, TX

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