Thursday, 6 March 2008

Quilt as you go Whirlygig

I received a request last night from Glenice in QLD who I met at the Dec SCQuilters meeting at Carrum Downs. She was admiring my 'quilt as you go' Whirlygig quilt that I am making using scraps of cotton fabric and chenille (old bedspreads, that is another story). I sent her the pattern of the Whirlygig pattern which was in an old issue of an APQ magazine, which I based this quilt on. I adapted it to 'quilt as you go' as it is easy to pick up and take it places to work on.

This quilt is a work in progress with no known finish date. The plan is to just keep adding hexagons until it is the right size or I get sick of it, which ever comes first. Each hexagon is approx. 8" across. So Glenice, her are some pictures of the quilt as it was this morning.
Here are some close up's of the individual hexagons so that you can see the detail. I quilted in the ditch, so there is no visible quilting on the front, except for those odd stray stitches which went of course. I started using the chenille in the centre as a feature, which wasn't to bad with the thinner chenille, however with six points meeting in the centre it was still a little bulky. After doing about five or six I changed my method and started only using cotton fabric in the centre. This was much better, less bulk and easier to handle.

The chenille adds texture to the blocks, especially the shaggy style.

I have used Hobbs Heirloom batting which is fusible on both sides. This makes sandwiching the three pieces together and the hand quilting easier as no pins required. Which is a good thing as it means less holes in my fingers and hands.
The quilting detail is only visible on the reverse as the light thread contrasts well against the plain backing colours. You can see a bit of the reverse in the third block pictured in the bottom right hand side of the pic.


gemini47quilting said...

Hi Jackie. Well, now I remember why I admired your work at the time - truly lovely. I have been collecting chenille so will have to get myself together and get started. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

I am in Cairns and we have had our fair share of rain although where I live, we are fine, elevated and in a newer part of Cairns where underground drainage is the go.

My sewing is very slow - I do still work fulltime and work for anyone these days is somewhat stressful, especially if you work for a health department, as I do, but I am working on a wedding quilt for our son who is getting married in September. I will post a picture when it is together. It is a pieced and appliqued quilt and I am just sorting out the applique now. Having responded to you Jackie, I am now inspired to get right into it.
Glenice (in Cairns)

sMC said...

that is going to be a stunning quilt. See you have packed the decco's away until next Christmas lol.

Jane aka Glenice said...

Yes I can see how well it would work with those, the double sided fused batting that is.
Jane/Glenice in Vic.

Mad Quilter said...

I love that technique thanks for showing it :)

JANE said...

I am so intrigued by your gorgeous quilt and have been searching for days for that block pattern. Do you let me know where i can find it?

gemini47quilting said...

To Jane.... Please email me at

I can give you information about this pattern - it is out of an Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

GeeGee said...

I love your quilt, did you have to have special template/rulers to make it? What are the resources for obtaining the pattern and/or templates? Thanks.

SuBee618 said...


Just found your quilt and love the idea of using chenille incorporated in it. I was wondering did you finish this quilt and if so could you post a finished picture?? Also could you share the pattern??

Thank You.
Love the look of the blocks you have showen.


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